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how to make a flash picture a gif

2007-09-14 02:14:42 by mattloaf

how can i make it a giffffff??????? help!


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2007-10-27 02:57:22

ooo ooo i know!!

but for me to tell you i have to get back to england because its hard to type
with the turkish keybored ... :)


2007-11-12 20:09:39

when u get the picture, right-click and click "Save Picture As..." then when saving type .gif after the name. that is how its done. if it doesnt work, send me a PM

mattloaf responds:

it worked thnx very much


2008-01-14 17:17:01

you must go to the magical land of the gay unicorns and ask them for a penicorn who will cast a spell so that you can make a flash a gif


2008-02-15 17:45:36

what the fuck is a giffffff


2008-04-15 04:18:37

How do you know this! Hey! Swordstick! That's a secret!


2008-12-25 04:19:41

Wow...Thats slightly insane..good job I figured out how to do it